Leaf Footed Bug Hatchlings: Leptoglossus species

Western Conifer Seed Bug Hatchlings?
August 9, 2009
We removed a bush in the front yard a few months ago and it was crawling with thousands of what we later identified as some sort of Western Conifer Seed Bug – using your site to identify them of course! A few days ago one was crawling on our wall and left a trail – my son called it a poop trail. A couple of days later there was a spot on the wall by the trail and looking closer revealed that it was hatchlings. We got a decent shot of the little guys and they have since moved on. Hope you can use this photo.
Holly S.
San Fernando, CA

Leaf Footed Bug Hatchlings
Leaf Footed Bug Hatchlings

Hi Holly,
There is a matching photo on BugGuide, but it is only identified to the genus level of Leptoglossus, and not to the species level.
Though we did not see your adult insect, we are going to go out on a limb and say we believe this to be a close relative of Leptoglossus occidentalis, the Western Conifer Seed Bug.  We believe it is Leptoglossus zonatus which is quite in Southern California.  Unlike the Western Conifer Seed Bug, it has a jagged white line across the wings.  You can see images on BugGuide which also seem to match the unidentified adult image associated with the photo of the hatchlings.

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