Leaf Footed Bug: Catorhintha selector and Immature Kissing Bug

Subject: Is this a kissing bug?
Location: Texas Hill Country
November 26, 2014 2:33 pm
Help! We just moved to the Texas hillcountry and found this big in iur doorway and we’re afraid it’s a kissing bug. It’s belly is light colored and and there appear to be a slight differences in the coloring, the orange line is solid instead of dashes for example. Help us we’re pretty afraid of the possibility of Chagas’ disease.
Signature: Chelsea

Leaf Footed Bug
Leaf Footed Bug

Hi Chelsea,
There is a superficial similarity between the appearance of your Leaf Footed Bug,
Catorhintha selector, and a Kissing Bug because they are in the same suborder, Heteroptera, the True Bugs, but unlike the Kissing Bug, your insect is harmless.  We identified your Leaf Footed Bug on BugGuide.

Thank you so much! On another note, about 2 hours later we also found this bug (photo attached) in our breakfast area, my husband seems to think it is a kissing bug in the nymph stage from looking it up. Hope we’re wrong about this one too!

Immature Kissing Bug, we believe
Immature Kissing Bug, we believe

Dear Chelsea,
Alas, this time we are in agreement with your husband.  Though the image lacks critical sharpness, this really does resemble an immature Kissing Bug in the genus Triatoma.  You can see the resemblance to this image posted to BugGuide.

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