Leaf Footed Bug Aggregation: Spartocera fusca

Subject: Harlequin?
Location: Miami, Florida
May 5, 2013 3:49 pm
Hi Bugman, Just wondering if these are Harlequin stinkbugs or something else? I suspect the latter. I am in Miami and these were found today ( Cinco de Mayo!! ) I thought they might be partying! They started a few days ago as 5 or 6 individuals and now the group is up to approx 15-20. Thanks for any info.
Signature: Duvzor

Leaf Footed Bugs:  Spartocera fusca
Leaf Footed Bugs: Spartocera fusca

Hi Duvzor,
You have the correct insect order, True Bugs, but the wrong family.  These are actually Leaf Footed Bugs in the family Coreidae, and we identified the species as
Spartocera fusca thanks to BugGuide.  Alas, the species which BugGuide notes is found from “Mexico, southwestern United States, Florida” in habitat described as “Open areas, cultivated land, gardens,” it does not have a common name, an oversight with such a dramatically colored and marked insect.  The leaves on the plant they are feeding upon looks like nightshade, and BugGuide states:  “Breeds on Solanum americanum and other plants. Early instar nymphs are gregarious.”  Most of the individuals in your photo appear to be wingless nymphs, though it seems the individual on the lower left that is partially obscured by a leaf might be a winged adult.  If you have a chance to take another photo of a winged adult, we will gladly add it to this posting.

Spartocera fusca nymph
Spartocera fusca nymph

Hi Daniel, Thanks for your response! I’ve been watching these guys for over a week now. They never venture away from the 3 plants they are on. I managed to get a family shot…from nymph to adult and a single adult shot. Thanks again for your help in identifying my backyard visitors.

Spartocera fusca aggregation
Spartocera fusca aggregation

Hi Brad,
Thanks for the additional photos and information.

Leaf Footed Bug:  Spartocera fusca
Leaf Footed Bug: Spartocera fusca


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  1. Hi any recommendations on treating them. I had tried soap water, neem oil and hot pepper sprays nothing seem to affect them except removing them by hand and disposing them in the garbage


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