Leaf Footed Bug: Acanthocephala species

can you identify this bug?
I have attached 4 pictures of a bug I found crawling up my front door in North Texas. Can you tell me what it is?

Hi Rebecca,
This is a Coreid or Leaf Footed Bug in the genus Acanthocephala.

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  1. Nymphs and adults of both stink bugs and leaffooted bugs suck juices from green fruit leaving a puncture which later may become surrounded by a discolored zone due to invasion of secondary pathogens. Stink bug feeding punctures are often surrounded with a lightened, sometimes depressed, blotch beneath the fruit surface caused by the removal of cell contents and the enzymes injected by the bug. Leaffooted punctures may cause fruit to become distorted as they enlarge

  2. I found one of these on my window in January. I live in Louisiana. It was almost as big as my thumb and I’ve never seen anything like it before. Other than the name, there is no other information I could find on it. It doesn’t look like any stink bug I’ve ever seen. Are they harmful to humans? I don’t have any fruit trees in my yard so don’t know what it would be feeding on. I’d appreciate any information you could give me on this thing. Thank you.


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