Leaf Footed Bug

Subject: Western conifer seed bug?
Location: Gilbert, Arizona
November 6, 2016 2:53 pm
I at first thought assassin bug.
I went through and most images had a picture of a similar looking insect but without the leaf shaped skeleton on the legs.
Until I found one. I read the article and I’m now unsure if it truly is a Western conifer seed bug or not.
How do I tell?
Do they bite (pierce) you if held?
Do they carry any diseases or viruses?
I did not touch it.
Signature: Michael M. Petrovich

Leptoglossus zonatus
Leptoglossus zonatus

Dear Michael,
The reason you mistook this Leaf Footed Bug,
Leptoglossus zonatus, for a Western Conifer Seed Bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis, is that they are members of the same genus.  They can be identified, according to BugGuide, by:  “Two yellowish spots on the forward part of the pronotum are distinctive.   Also has a zigzagging white band across the wings (like some other species).   Expansions of the hind tibiae are also much larger and more jagged than most other species.”  It is possible they might bite if carelessly handled.  This Leaf Footed Bug is not known to carry any diseases or viruses that affect humans, but BugGuide notes:  “potential vector of diseases in corn.”

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