Leaf Cutter Bee and Metallic Green Sweat Bee in Mount Washington

Leaf Cutter Bee gathers Pollen
Location: Mount Washington, Los Angeles, CA
We have been spending part of the day in the garden tending to things and taking photos of insects.  We managed to capture a single photo of one of the wary Leaf Cutter Bees that has been gathering pollen from the Rudbeckia that is currently blooming.  We have seen them in the past on Rudbeckia as well as Cosmos, but for some reason, we have no more Cosmos and we haven’t tried planting more seeds in recent years.  The awesome thing about the Leaf Cutter Bees is that they gather pollen on the underside of their abdomens.

Leaf Cutter Bee

We also managed to get a single shot of this equally wary Metallic Green Sweat Bee before it flew off.  Seems when we don’t have the camera handy, there are three or four Metallic Green Sweat Bees buzzing around the Rudbeckia and they let us get very close, but as soon as the camera appears, off they go.

Metallic Green Sweat Bee


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