Leaf Beetle from Barbados: Anisostena cyanoptera

Subject: is this a kind of False Blister Beetle?
Location: Barbados
December 26, 2013 6:57 pm
I was out doing some macro work today and saw a couple of these black and red beetles. The closest match i found on Google was a red and black false blister beetle, but none of the images had the exact dimple pattern on back. They were about 1cm in length and were found on some grass.
Signature: Niaz

Leaf Beetle
Leaf Beetle probably Anisostena cyanoptera

Dear Niaz,
Your photos are of an excellent quality, and they greatly aided our ability to provide you with an identification.  We did need to crop your images to maximize the size of the beetle, which meant we needed to move your trademark logo within the image.  This is not a Blister Beetle.  It is a Leaf Beetle in the family Chrysomelidae.  We located a very close match on BugGuide,
Anisostena ariadne.  Once we had a genus name, we were able to try to search for relatives in Barbados, and though there is no photograph, Anisostena cyanoptera is listed on the Coleoptera Neotropical page for the Antilles.  Though we could not locate any images of Anisostena cyanoptera, we believe that is the correct identification for your Leaf Beetle.

Leaf Beetle
Leaf Beetle probably Anisostena cyanoptera

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the information and effort, it is greatly appreciated. Don’t worry about relocating the logo that’s fine. I’m actually in a bit of a dilemma, on one hand would like to contribute images to your amazing website but on the other I don’t want to give you any extra work lol.
I have a macro album on Facebook if you want to see more images. Just look me up Niaz Dokrat ‎.
Regards and best wishes for the new year,

Hi Niaz,
It wasn’t much trouble.  Feel free to send any images you would like to have identified or any that you think would be a good addition to our site.  I don’t believe we have many images from Barbados in our archives.  We will identify and post what we have the time to devote to, and when we are especially busy, many submissions go unanswered.  This is a slower time of the year for us.


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