Leaf Beetle

Lady beetle – near Toronto ON
Location: King City (north of Toronto)
October 24, 2011 8:15 am
The attached lady beetle was found in a forested area about 30 km north of Toronto. Note the unusual marking and, even more, the embossed textured lines running parallel to the centre. Would this be another weird variant of the Asian multicoloured?
Date was May 19, 2011.
Signature: Gavin Miller

Leaf Beetle: Calligrapha rowena

Hi Gavin,
Your beetle is not one of the Lady Beetles despite the black and orange coloration and the small size.  This is actually a Leaf Beetle, and we followed our first suspicion that it is in the genus
Calligrapha, and we quickly identified it as Calligrapha rowena, which has no common name.  According to BugGuide, it feeds “on Cornus (dogwood).”  The leaf in your photo appears to be a dogwood leaf.

Leaf Beetle: Calligrapha rowena

Hello Daniel:
Thanks very much for your quick reply! This makes a lot of sense, given the dogwood the beetle was on (and abundant in the area). And the patterning on the wing cases is indeed calligraphic.


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