Leaf Beetle

A little red and black beetle…
Firstly–thank you so much for this site, it has helped me identify more bugs than I can count! I am constantly running to the computer to try and name every little thing I find outside. The site is a brilliant resource, and I’ve only come across a couple of bugs I couldn’t find here. It was particularly interesting to learn about the the evil bugger that caused the horrible, searing pain in my arm a couple of weeks ago, the "helpful" assassin bug…whether they’re "friendly" to gardeners or not, I’m not going anywhere near them again. Anyway, my dog brought this in earlier, and after going through so many pages on your site that I forgot to start supper, I’m still not totally sure what it could be. Can you help me out? I think from the pictures I’ve seen that it’s some sort of ground beetle, but I seem to be finding lots of bugs that look similar and none that look exactly like it. The coloring in the picture is a little deceptive–I noticed it on my black dog because of how intense and bright the red was. Its entire underside was red, but it wouldn’t cooperate for a picture of that. (No, it’s not dead in the picture…just a little surprised.) Thanks!

Hi Kate,
This is one of the Leaf Beetles in the family Chrysomelidae. After searching numerous pages on BugGuide, we believe this is in the genus Oulema, probably Oulema sayi.

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