Lawn Shrimp reported from Mexico

Subject: about 20 of them apear dead each morning.
Location: Cuermavaca Morelos Mexico
July 3, 2017 12:05 pm
Hello , just wondering what this bug is.
Thanks for your help
Signature: Fernando

Lawn Shrimp

Dear Fernando,
These are terrestrial Amphipods commonly called Lawn Shrimp or Househoppers, and they are an invasive species introduced from Australia.  According to BugGuide:  “
These are rarely seen except when flooding or lack of moisture forces them to abandon their home in the soil in search for suitable conditions. At such times they often end up dieing on pavement or in homes and become a nuisance. Once they start appearing, there’s not much that can be done except to sweep them up- pesticides are pointless, bcause by then they’re already dying or dead.  The best solution is to keep the numbers down the rest of the year by keeping the soil from staying too moist- in California, especially, they’re a sign of overwatering. Physical barriers like weather-stripping can also help to keep them out of homes, but their bodies are flat and narrow, allowing them to slip through surprisingly narrow cracks.  Non-native; introduced probably from Australia along with blue-gum eucalyptus trees in the 1800s. First recorded in San Francisco, CA in 1967.

Daniel, thank you very much for the information , indeed they look like small shrimp!!!!
I greatly appreciate your time.

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  1. Caswell Beach, NC. My carport is evenly dusted with these dead bodies daily. Thanks so much for solving the mystery.


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