Lawn Shrimp found in South Carolina

aSubject: Hopping Bug
Location: Bluffton, SC
May 21, 2016 4:28 am
What are these hopping bugs that have come out at night under my porch light? The next morning a lot of them have died. These are in Bluffton SC .
Signature: R McLain,

Lawn Shrimp
Lawn Shrimp

Dear R McLain,
This looks and acts like a Lawn Shrimp or House Hopper,
Arcitalitrus sylvaticus, a species described on BugGuide as being from “Southeastern Australia (New South Wales and Victoria), as well as nearby areas of the Pacific, but introduced into New Zealand, the British Isles, Florida and California” and preferring habitat that is “Moist soil and organic matter within 13 mm of the surface, often among ivy or other ground covers, mostly eucalyptus. Their exoskelton has no waxy coating to keep moisture in, so they can’t survive dryness. They drown in water, though, so they need continuously moist, but not waterlogged conditions.”  Based on this BugGuide posting, they are spreading from Florida to nearby Georgia and your posting indicates they have now spread north to South Carolina.

Thank you Daniel.  I thought they resembled shrimp!

Lawn Shrimp and true Shrimp are classified together as Crustaceans in the same subphylum.

2 thoughts on “Lawn Shrimp found in South Carolina”

  1. I have what I believe to GE lawn shrimp but they’ve been submerged, walking the perimeter of a pet water dish like a hippo. Very clumsy.

  2. This is the 1st year I have seen them in Georgetown,SC. So they have moved north from Southern SC to the Grand Strand area, approximately 160 miles north of the Bluffton report. They must have been in the area for awhile as the local Terminix office knew immediately what it was when I sent in a photo for identification. The reason why I called was the worry that it was a new species of termite. Thankfully, it’s not! It would be great if others knew of this site to track the invasion of this annoying creature. In my case it has been coming in from my dogs feet. So I have to vacuum them up because it has been raining and I am guessing that they are drowning from the abnormally high rate of rain.


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