Lawn Shrimp

Copper colored flat bugs
Location: Los Angeles
October 22, 2010 6:38 pm
Hi. I am desperate to find out what these bugs are that I am finding dead in my house in one particular room. They are flat, but not like bed bugs. They are flat instead from the side. They resemble shrimp. The color is metallic copper with pink accents. Two events coincided with the bugs’ appearance. 1. I opened my sealed wedding dress box which (& this is disgusting) had been invaded by termites). 2. I just bought a bromeliad tropical plant.
I have never seen the bugs alive. they seem to be dropping from the ceiling, but maybe they care just coming from the plant & then being distributed to different parts of the room with foot traffic.
I would be forever grateful if you could help, O kind sage.
Signature: Sarah

October 22, 2010 11:15 PM
Hi!  I looked at your site again & identified my bugs as “lawn shrimp.”  Thank you for your site.  It is wonderful!!!!

Lawn Shrimp

Hi Sarah,
We are happy to hear you were able to utilize our extensive archive to identify your Lawn Shrimp without our assistance.  We are posting your photo because we believe the recent rains will probably cause other area residents to notice the terrestrial amphipods, also called House Hoppers, when they seek shelter and die indoors.

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