Laser Light Christmas Lights confused with insect activity

Subject: Glowing objects in tree
Location: Long Island
November 29, 2016 7:10 am
This is a similar siting to this post:
It is not a hoax, not Christmas lights, and not any other artificial lights. This happened just after sunset on a chilly evening. The site is on long island. The glowing was steady and not flashing. It was pitch black, and I had to use a 30 sec exposure. For the most part the glowing was green, but some reds came out in the long exposure. My tree had the most activity but you can see some in the neighbors tree as well. The tree was a linden tree. What is this?
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Laser Lights
Laser Lights

This looks like a Laser Lights holiday display to us.

I agree, yet I couldn’t find the source. I will check again tonight.
Glenn Dahl

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