Subject: Insect
Location: Bangladesh
February 13, 2017 12:46 pm
This thing i found in my washroom,its a nano thing,but looks like i have never seen it before in my whole life.I need to know what is this thing.Its look like horrible.
Signature: Texting me.

Mosquito Larva

This is some type of larva, and it does remind us of a Beetle larva in the order Coleoptera.

Correction:  Thanks to a comment from Angel Robinson, we reverted to our original first impression that this is a Mosquito larva.  As sometimes happens when we are rushed, we post without any research.  We found a posting on Plankton and Macroinvertegrates of Woodland Vernal Pools that confirms the pictured larva is a Mosquito larva.

Location: Bangladesh

2 Responses to Mosquito Larva from Bangladesh

  1. Angel Robinson says:

    This is a mosquito larva, though I cannot identify the species for the picture.

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