Large Stink Bug

Fancy bug?
Location: Koonyum Ranges NSW
February 24, 2011 7:13 am
This one comes from the hills behind Byron Bay, exotic looking but could not find it amongst all the beatles?
Signature: Bernoe

Large Stink Bug

Dear Bernoe,
We believe that this is a Large Stink Bug in the family Tessaratomidae.  The Brisbane Insect website has some photos of the adult Bronze Orange Bug,
Musgraveia sulciventris, that looks similar, but is darker.  Also, the body shape is a bit different.  We believe that your individual is in the same family.  The NSW Department of Primary Industries has a nice illustration of the life cycle of the Bronze Orange Bug.

Correction Courtesy of Karl
Hi Daniel and Bernoe:
It is indeed a Tessaratomid, probably a male Peltocopta crassiventris. The females are similar but not as colorful, and exhibit an interesting form of parental care. The Queensland Museum website has photos of both sexes as well as nymphs (click on the Introduction, Identification and Biology tabs). Regards. Karl

Thanks Karl,
There are also some images of a female and her brood on the Heteroptera website.

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