Large Spotted Acraea emerges from Chrysalis in the Congo

Heliconian emerges from Chrysalis
December 29, 2011
Location: Kinshasa, Congo
December 22, 2011 4:06 pm
Daniel and Keith,
We got emergence !  Unfortunately no one was home when it happened to get pictures of the process but we got pictures of the butterfly here :
Does it look like Acraea zetes after all ?

Acraea Chrysalis prior to emergence

Daniel and Keith,
We were lucky to find the butterfly after emerging yesterday.  Unfortunately everyone was out of the house when the event occurred sometime between noon and 4pm.   You can see pictures of the chrysalis that morning and the butterfly in the series created here.  I hope species confirmation can be made with picture of the butterfly form.
Thanks again.

Newly Metamorphosed Acraea

Dear Katy and her dad,
We would love to include the emerged imago on our site, however, we would like to request that you attach the images to your response as it is not possible to grab the images from Flickriver.

Newly Metamorphosed Acraea species

Please find images attached

Large Spotted Acraea or closely related species

Dear Katy and her Dad,
We are thrilled to get your new photos for our website.  In addition to creating an addendum to your December 22 submission of the Acraea Caterpillar and Chrysalis, we will be creating a brand new posting that links to the original.

Large Spotted Acraea or closely related species

Keith Wolfe responds
Hi Katy,
Having little firsthand experience with Acraea adults (it is the unglamorous 75% of a butterfly’s life that fascinates me), I emailed noted authorities Torben Larsen ( and, just to be sure, Dominique Bernaud (  Both confirm your butterfly to be the light form of Acraea zetes; A. z. zetes f. menippe to be exact.  Also, please tell your father that I finally heard from the last of the four experts I contacted regarding this earlier Charaxes caterpillar – 2011/07/26/charaxes-caterpillar-from-the-congo/.  Unfortunately opinions varied, so my best guess after considering all the data is Charaxes (possibly) brutus.
Keep up the excellent effort, Katy and Dad!  Besides being fun and interesting, especially when done together, bug hunting has the very real potential for discovering something new to science.
Best wishes for good health and happiness in the New Year,

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