Subject: Red bugs in WLA
Location: WLA,: University High School
January 16, 2017 11:43 pm
We found these bugs congregating on a vine near University High School in WLA today. They like the pod like fruit of the vine. There seem to be various stages of development of this bug all living together. Could not see any damage to the vine or fruit/pod of the vine though.
Signature: Margee & Des

Large Milkweed Bugs

Dear Margee & Des,
The insects are various stages of immature nymphs and a single, winged adult Large Milkweed Bug, and finding them on the vine indicates it is either a member of the milkweed family or that it has sticky white sap.  Large Milkweed Bugs are sometimes found on oleander.  They are generally found on the seed pods of milkweed, and they do not do significant harm to the plants, but may effect the number of viable seeds produced.

Thank you so very much for your quick response. We had never seen this bug before and were really curious. Appreciate your effort! ? ?

Location: West Los Angeles, California

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