Large Marble Update

Dorsal view, Large Marble
Hi again Bugman.
I do have a dorsal view of a Large Marble taken further south. Sorry, I didn’t think to include it.

Large Marble
(04/24/2008) Large Marble
Hi Lisa Anne and Daniel.
I was surprised to find this Large Marble near Casper, WY so early. Hope it will be OK as we are expecting 3"-10" of snow tonight. Peace, Love and Jerry Garcia,

Hi Dwaine,
Thanks for your lovely photo of a Large Marble, or Creamy Marblewing, Euchloe ausonides. We rotated the image so as to post it larger. We believe it will find some shelter from this spring snow as the species also survives in Alaska. We located an Alaskan Website with a nice image of the open wings of a Large Marble.

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