Larder Beetle

Subject: What is this
Location: Ontario, Canada
January 22, 2016 6:57 am
So i was in my closet looking for a shirt to wear and i seen this bug, if you could tell me what it is, it would be really helpful. The bug was about 1cm long.
Signature: Please help

Larder Beetle
Larder Beetle

This is a Larder Beetle, a common household pest.  According to the Penn State Department of Entomology site:  “The larder beetle is a commercial pest as well as a household pest. This is a cosmopolitan species which was historically a pest of cured meats in Europe, the United States, and Canada. The use of refrigeration, the purchase of meats in small quantities, and the lack of home curing of meats, have decreased the economic importance of this insect. However, these beetles are still common in homes, museums, mills, livestock facilities, and any place that contains a suitable food source. Typically, these would include any animal by-product such as dried dog food, furs, hides, and feathers. Also, many pantry items can become infested. Another potential food source are dead insects in attic and wall voids that become trapped when they seek an overwintering site. In the fall insects such as flies, bugs, beetles and wasps, accumulate in attics and similar spaces in the home. Many of the hibernating insects die, attracting larder beetles which lay eggs on dead insects. The larvae of the larder beetle then feed on the dead insects.”  The site also states:  “Major injury occurs from larval feeding and the boring of the larvae before pupation. Larder beetles will attack stored ham, bacon, other meats, cheeses, tobacco, dried fish, dried museum specimens, and pet foods, for example. The larvae will bore into any commodity containing meat products; they have also been known to bore into structural timbers. Tests have shown that they can bore into lead with ease and tin with some difficulty. The boring is for the purpose of providing a protected place for pupation, not for feeding.”  Your synthetic clothing is not in danger of being damaged by Larder Beetles, but your feather boas, mink coats and leather goods may all be damaged.  If you have a big bargain bag of dog food in the home, you should check it as a site of infestation.

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