Lanternfly from Hong Kong: Longan Chicken

hong kong bug (with picture this time)
Last year when I was on Lamma Island in Hong Kong I photographed this bug. It walked slowly, making it easy to photograph. Do you have any idea what this bug could be? Regards,
(the netherlands)

Hi Alex,
This is some species of Lanternfly, an insect in the order Homoptera. We found a photo on the Encyclopedia Brittanica site, but it is a different species.

Update: (01/21/2007) About the lanternfly from Hong Kong
Hi Bugman,
I believe that the lanternfly that Alex found in Hong Kong is Pyrops candelaria. The two most “common” Mandarin common names of this lanternfly, if translated literaly to English, is “white wax cicarda” (because of the white, wax-like powders on its eggs), and “longan chicken” (because it feeds on saps of the longan trees (Dimocarpus longan) as well as other fruit trees such as mango, lichi and olive). Pyrops candelaria is easily seen in Hong Kong and SE Asia. Images can be found here ( ) and here ( ). (Unfortunately most of the introduction to this lanternfly is in Mandarin, and the second link is the best English description I can find.) hopefully you find it helpful,

Thank you so much for the Update Wei-Ting.

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