Some bugs from Sabah
Another delighted newcomer to your site! I took these photos in Sabah, Borneo in Feb this year and from going through your site I think they might be a lanternfly and a snakefly, but it would be good if you knew the species.
Amanda, England

Hi Amanda,
Your Lanternfly from the family Fulgoridae is positively stunning. If we are able (since we have time constraints right now) we will also post your photo of a Dobsonfly. We will try to find out the species, but we don’t think this will be possible without hours and hours of research, and that is time we do not have. Exact Internet identification research is often very difficult for parts of the tropical world.

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  1. sophia says:

    are there any breeders/supliers of lanternflys in the uk? they look stunning and unusual pets, i am currently trying to get my little brothers interested in biology and the best way seems to be by showing them cool creatures and there development as they grow 🙂

    • bugman says:

      According to the Biodiversity of Belize website (see ) “Little or nothing is known about the biology of this oddity. In Costa Rica the species is believed to be linked to the tree Hymenaea coubaril (Leguminosae). This tree is quite rare in Belize and I have found specimens of Fulgoria most commonly on trunks of Zanthoxylum trees (Rutaceae).” We do not believe Lanternflies are being bred in captivity.

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