Lanternfly from Borneo

Lantern Bug from Borneo
Location: Poring Hot Springs, Sabah, Borneo
February 9, 2011 3:35 am
I believe this Lantern Bug seen in Sabah, Borneo, is a Fulgora sp., but can anyone tell me which species?
Signature: Peter Bruce-Jones


Hi Peter,
We did a search for Lanternfly and Borneo and found a beautiful, rather similar looking insect on the Lost Borneo website that is identified as the genus
Pyrops.  An image web search of that name brought us to a photo on Flickriver that is identified as Pyrops whiteheadi.  We cannot say for certain that that is correct because we do not have a background in entomology, and we know that there is a proliferation of misinformation on the internet.  We are constantly misidentifying some of the photos that we post.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you. I agree wholeheartedly with your point about misinformation on the internet, but I have managed to find some other images of Pyrops whiteheadi which match the one in the link you sent and my image, so I think it is most likely correct. The search has also yielded the the unexpected ID for a mantis I photographed in Borneo too, so doubly thanks!
Best regards,

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