Ladybird Spider from Switzerland

Subject: Lady bird spider
Location: Veysonnaz Switzerland
August 19, 2015 1:57 am
We are in Veysonnaz and see the ladybird spider quite regularly. My children often have seen them in the past years that we have been here on holiday.
I will attach a picture
Signature: Candy Kitsz

Ladybird Spider
Ladybird Spider

Dear Candy,
Thanks so much for sending in your image of a gorgeous male Ladybird Spider.  It is our understanding that populations of Ladybird Spiders are on the decline because of habitat loss.  We believe your individual is
Eresus cinnaberinus based on images and information on the Spiders of North West Europe site.  We are running a bit late this morning and this is the only posting we can make prior to heading to work.  We apologize to our readership and we promise to post additional images later in the day.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your email.
According to my children, there are quite a lot of the ladybird spiders at a certain area in Veysonnaz town. However, we have never seen them higher up on the mountain. They are very pretty and I had no idea that they were so rare.
I will post more pictures should I see them
Warmest wishes
Candy Kitsz

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