Purple and Orange bugs
Location: Eagle Mountain, UT
July 7, 2011 5:51 pm
I’ve got purple and orange bugs all over my daisys. They almost look like caterpillars except they’ve got 6 legs. Some are longer than others. Legs are in front by the head and the ’tail’ is different lengths. They are hanging out with my ladybugs.
I’ve also got stubbier ones that are more reddish. What are they? Are they both the same thing?
Signature: Calamity Jane

Lady Beetle Larva

Dear Calamity Jane,
The reason these larvae and pupae are near your Lady Beetles is that they are the immature forms of the Lady Beetle.  Their form changes considerably during metamorphosis.  Your daisies must be providing plenty of Aphids to support this population.

Lady Beetle Pupae

Location: Utah

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