Subject: what is this insect
Location: Tyler, TX
January 7, 2017 8:01 pm
I live in Tyler, TX and the temp was about 30 degrees when I took my dog outside. When we came back in, this bug was on my jacket. It is Jan. and I haven’t been seeing many critters, although our temps here jump from winter to spring day by day. By Wed. it will be in the low 70’s again. Tyler is known for its Dogwood trees, Azaleas, roses, etc. etc. This is a portion of TX that gets plenty of rain so, there is much vegetation in the area.
The little fellow looked like a small shrimp with translucent wings to me. It appears to have two sets, but I would need to get my jewelry magnifying lamp out and I don’t really have a good place to set it up as I am in the middle of remodeling. It is the color of a shrimp and the head is tiny with a long body. It is approximately a half inch long.
Appreciate any info you might have.
Signature: Mitzi in Tyler


Dear Mitzi,
This is a Nerve-Winged Insect in the order Neuroptera, and we feel very confident it is a Green Lacewing in the family Chrysopidae even though your individual is not green.  Here is a BugGuide image of a similarly colored “Green” Lacewing.  The garden habitat you described with azaleas and roses sounds like the perfect place to find predatory Lacewings whose larvae, which are called Aphid Wolves, as well as adults both consume large quantities of small insects, including Aphids.


Thank you, Daniel.  I appreciate the quick response, especially since you have such a small crew.  I checked the link and it pulled up the exact color and image of what I found.  Thanks also for the added info about this little guy.
Hope you have a wonderful week and aren’t experiencing any weather issues as much of the country is.  Here in Tyler, it is sunny and warming up.  That’s why we say, if you ran your heater this morning but turned on the AC this afternoon, you must live in Texas, LOL!
Thanks again,

Thanks for your kind wishes Mitzi.  In Los Angeles, we had a heavy rain last night, one of a series of storms coming in on what the weather bureau is calling the “atmospheric river” and we are expecting alternating days of rain and sunshine for the remainder of the week, a welcome forecast for drought-plagued southern California.

My prayers have been and will continue to be ongoing for the areas affected by drought.  We have gotten too much rain here and in other southern areas for the past couple of years at different times and wished we could send some your way especially when flooding has occurred.  May each area receive what it needs this year.
Wishing you a wonderful year and, once again, thank you for your response.

Location: Tyler, Texas

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