Lacewing Larva: Aphidlion

Texas biting bug
Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 9:37 AM
Hi, I live in Austin, TX and am getting terrible bug bites in my yard mostly. It is a tiny black and white bug with a tail that tapers down to a point. Eventhough I have been bitten many times I have only seen 2 and they were smaller than a pencil eraser. It has kind of a flat body and the triangular tail points up when I squish it. I felt a prick when it bit me but the bite didn’t start itching until the next day. The bites last a couple of days with a small knot under the skin. Any ideas as to what this thing is? The one in the picture was the size of a lighter flint.
Austin, TX


Hi Candice,
We have received reports in the past of people being bitten by Aphidlions, the larvae of Lacewings. Lacewings are actually beneficial insects that prey upon Aphids, that scourge of many a home gardener. Though the bite may be unpleasant, there is no real harm. BugGuide has numerous images and more information.

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