Subject: Kissing bug? Leptoglossus species?
Location: WV, USA
November 24, 2015 4:52 am
I found this bug in my laundry basket on my bed ?. It is November in the eastern panhandle of WV and the cold weather has moved in. The picture is magnified and I would guess the bug was 1/2 cm long. It resembles the kissing bug as well as leptoglossus bugs however, neither of those have the exact markings that this bug has not do they have a pointed “butt” like this one. I’m a bit freaked out as I have a 6 weeks old who sleeps with me as well as a 2 year old in the home! HELP!
Signature: Jenna Gainey

Lacewing Larva

Lacewing Larva

Dear Jenna,
This is neither a Kissing Bug nor a
Leptoglossus species.  It is a Lacewing Larva, AKA Aphid Wolf, and it is considered a beneficial species as it helps to control populations of Aphids and other plant feeding species in the garden.  We do receive reports of bites from Lacewing Larvae, but the bite is not considered dangerous, producing only local redness and itching.

Location: West Virginia

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