Lace Bug on Cannabis

Subject:  Bug on Cannabis
Geographic location of the bug:  Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California
Date: 09/28/2021
Time: 02:19 PM PDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Dear Bugman,
While inspecting my maturing marijuana buds in anticipation of harvest, I noticed this solitary insect on one of my bugs.  Can you identify it for me?
How you want your letter signed:  Constant Gardener

Lace Bug

Dear Constant Gardener,
This is a Lace Bug in the family Tingidae, and according to BugGuide:  “Feed mainly on leaves of trees and shrubs, causing yellow spotting and sometimes browning and death of the leaves.”  We did find a posting on of a Lace Bug and eggs on marijuana, and it contains the caption:  “Adult lace bug and eggs on the underside of a hemp leaf. Note: The nymphs failed to establish on the plant. ”  The University of California Pest Management System does not mention
Cannabis as a host plant.

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