Lace Bug

Subject: What’s That Bug?
Location: Ridgecrest, California 93555
May 30, 2016 7:50 am
Hi Bugman,
The wife of a friend of mine (Ron) has been suffering a reaction to something for the better part of two years now. Today she came to him and said “I’ve caught one” and gave him a jar. He had purchased an electron microscope for just such a reason, so you will see the bug in the first photo.
The second photo gives you an idea about the size of the bug. See the black dot inside the bowl? That’s the size of the bug.
I’m guessing you’ll know right away what the bug is.
Signature: Very Respectfully, Donald Boessow

Lace Bug
Lace Bug

Dear Donald,
This is a Lace Bug in the family Tingidae, and according to BugGuide:  “Feed mainly on leaves of trees and shrubs, causing yellow spotting and sometimes browning and death of the leaves.”
  Like other True Bugs, Lace Bugs have mouths designed to pierce so that they might suck fluids from the plants upon which they are feeding.  You did not provide details regarding the reaction experienced by your friend’s wife, but we do not believe it is related to this Lace Bug.  We will be postdating your submission to go live to our site in June while we are away from the office.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for the quick response! Here is what Ron’s wife, Suzy, had to say about her allergic reaction (including a response to your email) as well as other info about the Lace Bug:
“My reaction has been severe allergies they infested our clothing our furniture basically the whole house ! And my poor dogs are being eaten alive by the “black tiny shears” they leave behind which looks exactly like the underside of this thing ! They buzz you outside early sunset sometimes darker! All very very tiny! They look like lint when u kill em! My nose turns on like a faucet and I know they are coming lol ! And they make me itch almost as much as my poor pups lol! My Bella [her dog] sneezes almost as bad as me lol! I pull them off my dogs just always dead and can’t tell what it is (squished) but there ya have it ! This is def what I’ve had reactions to and they are VERY invasive I don’t care what they say their behavior is supposed to be like lol they are a nightmare! ✌?️ ~ Suzy Que”
Again, thank you for your help. Ron and Suzy will take the information you have provided and work towards solving Suzy’s allergy (as well as the Lace Bug’s affect on her poor dogs).
Very respectfully,
Donald Boessow

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