Lace Bug

Subject: unknown flying insect
Location: Greenville, NC USA
December 14, 2015 5:31 pm
I saw this near microscopic insect on my shirt and macro photographed it with Canon point and shoot. I am amazed at the detail on such a small thing. Could you help me identify this one? Thanks.
Mike Shugart
picture taken more than one year ago.
Signature: Mike Shugart

Lace Bug
Lace Bug

Dear Mike,
This is a Lace Bug in the family Tingidae and we believe that based on images posted to BugGuide, that it is a Walnut Lace Bug,
Corythucha juglandisBugGuide states “hosts: almost exclusively, black walnut” and “Both adults and nymphs are found together on the lower surfaces of walnut leaflets where they suck the sap from the leaves. More than 100 nymphs and adults may be present at one time on one leaflet. Areas where they have fed are easily recognized because of cast skins, excrement, and dark, discolored patches of leaf. The upper leaf surface is stippled with tiny white spots that give the upper leaf surface a whitish appearance. Leaves of heavily infested trees may turn brown and fall off.”

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