Lablab Bugs

Odd squarish dark mottled beetle – possibly australian tortoise beetle?
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
October 17, 2011 12:16 am
A friend sent me this photo of small (slightly bigger than ladybug-size) beetles he spotted sunning themselves on the balcony of his apartment in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve never seen beetles like this. I have done some searches and suspect they could possibly be an import, the Australian Tortoise Beetle, although their shape and colouration seems a bit odd. They do appear to have the hair tuft on the end of their legs though. What do you think? Is it something else entirely? I asked him to contact his local officials in case this was indeed an invasive species but if it’s something else more obvious I’d love to hear it.
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Lablab Bugs

Dear Tee,
You have cause for concern.  These are Lablab Bugs or Globular Stink Bugs,
Megacopta cirbraria, and they are also called Bean Plataspids.  According to BugGuide:  “Recently found in ne. GA; native to India and China, known also from many parts of e. & se. Asia to Australia and New Caledonia(1) According to USA Today [Sept 26, 2011] – now NC, SC, AL.”  There is a mixed blessing with this information from BugGuide:  “Found in the US on kudzu; known hosts include legume crops, especially soybean.”  Any insect that feeds on the invasive Kudzu would be welcomed, provided they did not also feed on an important crop plant.

Thank you so much for the reply! I will forward this to my friend! Many thanks on your wonderful website. It is very well-loved!

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  1. I’m in Atlanta, too. There are about 5 million of these things in my yard today, out of nowhere. I’m happy for anything to eat kudzu but I hope they leave the rest of my yard and my bonsai alone.

  2. We have these bugs swarming outside our company located in Fort Mill, SC today as well. We were wondering what they were. Were these imported here specifically to eat the kudzu?
    We have a lot of soybean crops. I hope those aren’t attacked.

  3. What a coincidence that I found this site. I am also in Fort Mill, SC, and these things started swarming our neighborhood sometime last week. I can barely even a door without some getting in the house.

  4. We are overrun with these bugs. When the temperature dropped in the upper 20’s last week, we found them in our sunroom and clustered together. We swept them up–boy what a mistake, still can’t get the stink out of there. We are rural and they harvested soy beans about 2 weeks ago. Last year they harvested soy beans but we did not have these bugs then. Pageland, SC


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