Lablab Bugs invade home in Georgia

unknown bug
Location: Lincolnton, GA
August 2, 2011 10:30 pm
These started showing up a week ago a few at a time and have increased to hundreds today (pic 1). Some have laid what seems to be an egg pattern similar to the Harlequin Bug (pic 2).
Signature: Jeff McKinney

Lablab Bugs

Hi Jeff,
Your home has been invaded by a recent introduced Invasive Exotic species, the Bean Plataspid,
Megacopta cribraria, also knows as the Globular Stink Bug or Lablab Bug.  The Bean Plataspid was recently introduced to Georgia from India or China, where it is native.  It has since been reported in South Carolina as well, according to BugGuide which reports:  “in Oct. 2009 was invading homes in large numbers in GA”.  The University of Georgia Cooperative Education website has a very informative PDF entitled Megacopta cribraria as a Nuisance Pest.  The Lablab Bug is known to invade homes when cool weather sets in. 

Lablab Bugs

According to BugGuide, known food plants are legumes including soybeans, and though this Invasive Exotic species has many negative attributes, a benefit is that its primary host plant is reported to be kudzu, owing to yet another common name, Kudzu Bug.  If you have kudzu growing nearby, you might want to consider trying to control the invasive vine before the insect population reaches an uncontrollable level, though your photo indicates that time may have already passed.  The Nature Closeups photography blog has some great photos of the Lablab Bug.

Eggs of the Lablab Bug


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  1. Do lablab bugs stink when you kill them?? Bc that just happens to a bug I killed. Didn’t know what it was so looked on here. But I had to spray all around the area I killed it with some perfume is this a lablab bug?


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