Koppie Foam Grasshopper

Subject: Grasshopper
Location: Cape Town South Africa
April 14, 2016 6:35 am
I took some pictures of a huge grasshopper.
Think its a juvenile, cause it had no proper wings developed.
Size was r.a. 12cm which is really big for a grasshopper
Picture was taken on mid november in Cape Town
Signature: ThunderPie

Koppie Foam Grasshoppers
Koppie Foam Grasshoppers

Dear ThunderPie,
Based on this and other images posted to iSpot, we have identified this as a Koppie Foam Grasshopper,
Dictyophorus spumans, one of the Toxic Milkweed Grasshoppers in the family Pyrgomorphidae.  Many species feed on milkweed, and they are able to process and absorb the toxic compounds in the plant, which gives the Grasshoppers protection against predators.  Many members of the family advertise with aposomatic or warning colors.

Koppie Foam Grasshopper
Koppie Foam Grasshopper

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  1. I encountered two locusts in my garden this morning. I’ve taken a picture (I think they were mating) but I can’t seem to upload. I think they are the koppie-foam grasshopper……


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