Kern’s Flower Scarabs

Subject: Unknown Beetle
Location: Mansfield, Texas
May 2, 2015 4:48 pm
Can you help ID these guys? Two of the same beetle but different colors. One cream and the other orange. Pretty sure I brought them home on some Shasta Daisies I just bought. Are the y considered a pest or beneficial – Thanks so very much
Signature: Jeanine

Kern's Flower Scarabs
Kern’s Flower Scarabs

Dear Jeanine,
The two larger beetles in your image are variations in coloration of Kern’s Flower Scarabs or Plains Bumble Scarab,
Euphoria kernii, which we identified on BugGuide where you can also see these same color variations and where it is noted:  “This species is extremely variable in its color and pattern ranging from all black to nearly all yellow with all stages in between.”  We will also attempt to identify the smaller insect visible in your image.

Awesomeness! Thank you for the reply, I watched them through a macro lens for over an hour as they went from flower head to flower head. When one would go the other would follow. I have no idea what the little black and white stripped insect is either. Also the little brown dot to the left is also an insect, its head is down into the flower so you’re only seeing the bottom half. Further over onto the left petals I believe are a cluster of Thrips.

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