Subject: Found this bug on tomato plants
Location: Southern California in the Long Beach area
December 26, 2012 11:24 pm
Found this bug on tomato plants we were removing. Found in southern California in the Long Beach area. Pictures were taken 11/22/2012. Do you know what this bug is?
Signature: From Thymej

Keeled Treehopper Nymph

Dear Thymej,
You have submitted photos of a Keeled Treehopper Nymph,
Antianthe expansa, and we suspect you did not find an individual on your tomato plants.  Nymphs of the Keeled Treehopper generally live in colonies and they are very wary of humans trying to remove them.  Often the entire colony moves together to the other side of the stem.  The nymphs look very different from adults which are green.  Both adults and nymphs have spiny projections which make them difficult to crush, and also makes them quite unpalatable to birds.  Keeled Treehoppers feed by sucking juices and fluids from tomato plants and others in the family, including peppers and eggplant.  There is an excellent account on Garden Web

Location: California

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