Katydid from Spain: Thyreonotus corsicus

Subject: cricket in Spain
Location: Andalucia, Spain
November 21, 2016 11:48 am
there are a lot of large crickets here in Southern Spain. The one in photos I found from a walkway in June this year. The body was around 25 mm but legs very long. A special looking creature I think.
If you would be able to identify this would be very nice.
Kind regards,
Signature: Pasi

Katydid:  Thyreonotus corsicus

Dear Pasi,
Though they are related, your insect is a Katydid, not a Cricket.  We found a matching image on FlickR, but it is not identified, so we continued to search until we found another image on FlickR that is identified as
Thyreonotus corsicus.  Here is another FlickR image.  Here is a nice blog with some information and an image and range map on Nature du Gard.

Dear Daniel,
thank you for really great help in identifying this insect! I have today checked also the links you sent, very good.
Kind regards,

Katydid:  Thyreonotus corsicus

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