Shieldback Katydid from South Africa

Subject: Cricket?
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
February 17, 2014 6:32 am
Good day
I found this insect in my home in Cape Town, South Africa. It was indoors. We are currently experience a heat wave in the middle of Summer.
Please can you identify it?
Signature: Thanks

Shieldback Katydid

This is a female Katydid, not a Cricket, but since both names are common rather than scientific, they are not the best terms for scientific classification.  The average reader might not even care about the distinction.  Katydids and Crickets are both Longhorned Orthopterans in the suborder Ensifera.  We have contacted Piotr Naskrecki in the hope that he can provide a species identification for us.  This individual is a female.  The spike protruding from the tip of her abdomen is her ovipositor.

Piotr Naskrecki provides and ID
Hi Daniel,
This is Alfredectes semiaeneus, a common shieldback (Tettigoniinae: Arytropteridini) from the Western and Eastern Cape.

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