Katydid Nymph

Subject: Assassin Bug?
Location: Torrance, southern California, U.S.A.
May 25, 2013 10:17 pm
Found this in my front yard in the jasmine, it is very small (less than an inch) and I snapped a picture of it, then asked my friends what they thought it was. It has sparked an argument and we have decided that it is probably some sort of assassin bug, but I have perused pages and pages of photos and have not seen anything that looks like this. Do you know?
Signature: Erica

Katydid Nymph
Katydid Nymph

Hi Erica,
We are so happy to hear that the identification of this insect has sparked a dialog as to its identity.  It is not an Assassin Bug, but rather an immature Katydid.  Adult Katydids often resemble large green grasshoppers with long antennae.  We are postdating your submission to go live in early June since we will be away from the office and we want daily updates to our site.

Thank you so much! I’m glad to hear that it’s not an Assassin Bug and I really like Katydids. By the way, I love the site and use it frequently, keep up the good work. Thanks again!

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