Subject: grasshoppers
Location: Madera Canyon, AZ
November 4, 2016 2:18 pm
Many different species of grasshopper in the multible biomes of this southeastern part of Arizona near the Sky Islands and in Madera Canyon. A mix of oak woodlands, succulents and pines in the upper region. I’ve tried to ID them online, but nothing looks quite what I photographed. One naturalist said one was a differential grasshopper, but again I didn’t see the resemblance.
Signature: Thank you, Leanne Grossman

Female Katydid

Female Mexican Bush Katydid

Dear Leanne,
Anyone who uses the term “biomes” in a request is worth corresponding with in our estimation.  While all of your submitted images depict members of the order Orthoptera which includes Grasshoppers, not all of your Orthopterans are Grasshoppers.  The green individual with the long antennae is a Katydid, and the antennae distinguish Longhorned Orthopterans from the suborder Ensifera from the Grasshoppers which are classified in the suborder Caelifera.  The upturned, sickle-like ovipositor identifies your Katydid as a female, and the shape of the ovipositor is often a factor in species identification.  Alas, we have not the necessary skills to identify your species without research, but we wanted to begin the posting nonetheless.  Since Katydids are categorized separately from Grasshoppers on our site, we will finish addressing this identification as well as your other images in the near future.

Update:  Hello again Leanne,
Based on this BugGuide image, we believe your female Katydid is a Mexican Bush Katydid,
Scudderia mexicana, and despite its name, its natural range includes both the Southwestern States and Mexico.  Insects have no respect for international borders.  The fun site Arizona:  Beetles Bugs Birds and more has a December 13, 2011 posting that includes an awesome image of a female from the genus using her ovipositor to create a repository for her eggs on their proper food plant.

Thank you again, Daniel. Best regards,

Location: Madera Canyon, Arizona

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