Subject: Maybe a kind of tarantula hawk?
Location: 48Q3GGC2+M3
March 28, 2017 6:57 am
I found it in a friend’s garden situated in San Isidro, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. I would like to know what kind of insect it is.
Signature: Ricardo Barba


Dear Ricardo,
This is NOT a Tarantula Hawk.  It is a Katydid, and it is either immature or a flightless species.  The ovipositor on the tip of the abdomen indicates this is a female.  This species is not illustrated on Foto Fauna.  It appears to be the same species as this unidentified individual in our archives from a 2006 posting.

Hi Daniel! Thank you very much for such a fast response. Amazing insect! I’m glad that now I know what it is.
Have a great week!!

Thanks Ricardo,
We love getting Argentine insects for identification.

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Location: San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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