Katydid and Elongated Long-Jawed Orbweaver

Subject: Beautiful katydid and an elongated long-lawed orbweaver?
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
October 1, 2016 1:29 pm
Hi Bugman,
I’ve had the immense pleasure of working in and around many streams this past summer. You can imagine some of the lovelies I got the opportunity to see! This is Nova Scotia, so we don’t get a whole lot of exotic beauties here ;-), but I’ve always got my eyes peeled. I wanted to share two of the critters I found in my travels. The first I’m hoping to confirm, but I suspect it is an elongated long-jawed orbweaver. I ran into many of the plainer looking long-jaws in and around the culverts and bridges, but this one was different and was not sitting in that typical ‘straightened’ position. The pattern on his or her abdomen is simply gorgeous.
The second photo is of a katydid I spotted hanging out on the ground feasting on something (didn’t notice that part until after I coaxed it onto my hand and it shoved a foot in its mouth and drooled on me, haha). I simply love the angle and the great view of his eyes so I wanted it to go forth into the universe, should I be lucky enough to get this post seen. Forget all the fantastic work experience I got – the bugs I got to see and hold were the highlight of my field work.
Fun notes: People get insanely scared of the massive amounts of incredibly well-fed argiopes in the marsh grasses and it’s hilarious to watch them screech…until a large black wasp creature lands on you and then you scream like a little girl too (which turns out to also be hilarious in hindsight)
It’s a very sad affair when you do not have your camera in reach and you run into an amazing six-spotted fishing spider FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME in your life. I mean, there are dreams of college graduation and sports cars, but the first six-spotted fishing spider and he’s actively fishing, but no camera… *cry*
Signature: NatureGirl


Dear NatureGirl,
Thanks so much for your wonderfully enthusiastic submission.  We believe your Katydid may be a Fork-Tailed Bush Katydid,
Scudderia furcata, which is pictured on BugGuide, but we are not certain.  Your Orbweaver is a Long-Jawed Orbweaver in the genus Tetragnatha.  According to BugGuide:  “These spiders spin circular (orb) webs, mostly in the horizontal plane, often just inches above the surface of water where they can intercept emerging insects like midges, mayflies, and stoneflies” and “Larger species near water, especially along the shores of rivers and streams. Smaller species in fields and meadows.”  Yes, large Argiopes are scary looking, but perfectly harmless, though large individuals might bite if carelessly handled.  We are sorry to hear about missing getting an image of a Six Spotted Fishing Spider, so we are linking to some marvelous images from our archives.

Longjawed Orbweaver
Longjawed Orbweaver

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