Katydid Eggs

Subject: Flat bug on Sanseviera (Mother in law tongue)
Location: Northeast Ohio
February 17, 2014 7:03 am
A friend received a piece of a Sanseviera plant (Mother in law tongue) so that he could grow his own at home. On one of the blades of the plant, there were these brown, oval, flat things that could be bugs…all sat in a line along the blade of the plant. I’m from Northeast Ohio and have never seen them before. Your help is much appreciated.
Signature: Bug Struck in Ohio

Katydid Eggs
Katydid Eggs

Dear Bug Struck in Ohio,
These are Katydid Eggs.  According to the Missouri Botanical Garden site:  “They do not pose any particular problem for the home gardener, but do feed on shrub and tree foliage.”  Though Katydids feed on leaves and blossoms (in our garden they love roses), we do not eradicate them.  They are solitary feeders and we do not believe they do much damage other than cosmetic damage.  We do not exhibit our roses, so if there are some bites taken out of the petals, we don’t fret.  Katydids are wonderful insects that are among the most vocal (though sound is produced by rubbing body parts together rather than through vocal cords) and their “songs” cheer us up.

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