Another Katydid egg photo
You’re site is fantastic! I was able to identify these eggs that I found on a hanger in my basement. We live on a farm in an old farmhouse (in Iowa). Our basement plays host to numeours treefrogs, toads, & salamanders so there was no telling what these things were. Any additional information you have on hatching them would be appreciated. There is no better learning tool than to experience real life science. I’m very fortunate in that my daughter (7 years) loves bugs, snakes and nature as much as I do! We’ve used your site to identify several caterpillars and moths that share our corner of the world. Thanks so much for all your efforts!
Sandy & Miya McAntire

Hi Sandy and Miya,
Keep the eggs cool or they will hatch too early. They will hatch on their own. The young Katydids will eat most green leaves, but tender spring foilage will be best.

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  1. angella says:

    How long will it take for these eggs to hatch? I got mine in the fall, when the katydids were showing up. Do I have to wait until spring for them to hatch? Did I kill mine?

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