Katydid from Costa Rica is female Steirodon careovirgulatum

Subject: Amazing camouflage
Location: Costa Rica
March 23, 2016 10:48 am
Best doggone camouflage of nature that I’ve seen in a long time. The body/wings are PERFECT green leaf replicas, right down to the veining and the slight rippling of the “leaf” surface. The crest on the head might be mistaken for a flower bud and the bright yellow eyes are so tiny that they might be mistaken for the eggs of some tiny insect. This critter is sitting on a 4″ steel beam. Directly above it, the wood beam is full dimensional 2″. Fantastic! Photo taken in Costa Rica’s Central Valley (Atenas) at mid-morning, 23 March 2016.
Signature: Newtonian


Dear Newtonian,
We found a matching Katydid image on Friends of the Rainforest, but alas, the species is not identified.  We will attempt to contact Katydid expert Piotr Naskrecki to see if he can provide an identification.

Thank you!  Our critter “buddy” is still hanging around so I went to examine him again.  The only difference that I can see is that the one at our location has very much greener legs.  This might be simply the lighting or a photographic artifact but everything else looks exactly on the money.

Hi Daniel,
This is a female of Steirodon careovirgulatum, one of the largest katydids in Costa Rica.

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