Katydid and Orange Huntsman Spider

I LOVE your site, bugs are fascinating
Dear wtb,
Here is a lovely winged green thingie we had on our porch in Anguilla. We called him our Leaf Bug, as we don’t know what he is. Size about 2.5 inches long. And here is a spider who just hung out by our front door. She was about 3 inches from her left to right legs. I did see on your tick page that the last picture sent in by Simon, is a female deer tick. We have them everywhere here on Cape Cod, and if there are deer around, if you get bitten, you most likely will get Lyme disease. My husband just got over Lyme disease, had to be on antibiotics for a year! Darcy’s picture above it is an immature dog or wood tick, these rarely carry Lyme disease, but do carry Rocky Mt. Fever and Tularemia, and other co-infections. If there is anything you want to know about ticks, I unfortunately know too much. Great site you have!
Thank you,
Jane Carter

Hi Jane,
Thanks for the compliments. Your Leaf Bug is a Katydid. We are wondering if the spider was also in Anguilla or in Cape Cod. We suspect Anguilla. This is a type of Huntsman Spider, also called Giant Crab Spiders. We have never seen an orange one before. Thanks for the tick info.

Hi WTB people,
Thank you! A Katydid, that is neat. He was a very cute critter. Yes, the Orange Huntsman spider was in Anguilla too, the critters loved to hang out on the porch. I think they valued the shade, and also we washed off our snorkel gear on the steps and then poured the water on the flowers, so there was always clean fresh water there for them. And the chickens couldn’t reach them up on the side. Chickens eat anything, and the bugs must know that.

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