Jumping Spiders found indoors

Subject: Spider
Location: Bristol, CT
January 31, 2013 9:08 pm
I have a lot of these spiders showing up in my house, more since the cold weather has set in. They move really fast and seem to jump while on flat surfaces.
I live in CT in a wooded yard, I dont see them outside too much. I think they nest in my hatchway area.
I’m curious to know if they are harmful to my cat. He has eaten quite a few and doesn’t show any signs of illness.
Signature: K. Hart

Jumping Spider

Dear K. Hart,
It is impossible to determine the exact species of your spider, but we are certain it is a Jumping Spider in the family Salticidae and we suspect it is in the genus
Phidippus, possibly in the Phidippus audax group which you can find on BugGuide.  Jumping Spiders are harmless and they pose no threat to you, your family, your pets or your home.  They will prey upon other unwanted visitors in the home.  It is quite curious that you have significant numbers indoors.  We haven’t heard any previous mention of Jumping Spiders seeking the shelter of homes to pass the winter months.  Jumping Spiders are hunting spiders with excellent eyesight.  They do not spin a web to trap prey.  They stalk prey, including flies and other insects, and pounce on them from a considerable distance.

Thanks for the reply. I’m glad to know there is no threat to us or the fur kids.

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  1. Dorsal markings clearly show it’s audax. Koch provides probably the easiest treatment of the markings. Audax, otiossus, and Regina can be differentiated by the shape of the dorsal markings.

  2. I live in New Britain ct and I just found one in my home I was very curious what kind of spider it was so I looked it up I found that they do jump on flat surface it was quite horrifying what frankly didn’t know we had spiders like that in Connecticut.


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