Jumping Spider from Sri Lanka

Subject:  Found on a lotus flower
Geographic location of the bug:  Ratnapura, sri lanka
Date: 10/25/2017
Time: 06:04 AM EDT
Can you plz tell me what this is ?
How you want your letter signed:  Normal

Jumping Spider

Dear Normal,
This is a gorgeous Jumping Spider in the family Salticidae.  Based on images posted to Peckhamia, it appears to be
Chrysilla volupe.  The site states:  “With only four recognizable species, having in addition similar palps and epigyne, Chrysilla may be best recognized by bright, shinning coloration. In difference, forms with white spots on darker background are classified in the genus Phintella, independently from similarities in palps palps and epigyne. Often photographed by macrophotographers, the correlation of coloration with genital characters is not certain, hence identification of living specimens without revision of type specimens is tentative. Diagnostic drawings below are integral part of definitions.

Jumping Spider
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