Jumping Spider from Trinidad

Subject:  Jumping spider
Geographic location of the bug:  Trinidad, West Indies
Date: 08/23/2019
Time: 11:50 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Dear Bugman,
Hoping you can help by identifying this pretty iridescent jumping spider. This one was on the wall of my front porch
How you want your letter signed:  Gwiz

Jumping Spider: Psecas viridipurpureus ???

Dear Gwiz,
We have in the past tentatively identified a similar looking Brazilian Jumping Spider as
Psecas viridipurpureus and today while searching, we can’t help but to wonder if we have stumbled ironically upon your website, Gil Wizen Spiders, where there is an image identified as Psecas viridipurpureus and that also looks the same.  Your individual looks like Psecas croesus which is pictured on Jumping Spiders and which ranges in Guiana and Suriname according to Jumping Spiders.  That same Jumping Spiders site only has black and white drawings of Psecas viridipurpureus, and the range is listed as Brazil and Peru.  On that same Jumping Spiders site, Psecas barbaricus is only pictured in a black and white drawing, but the range is listed as Brazil and Trinidad.  The best we can assure is the genus Psecas.

Hi Daniel.
Thanks so much for your response and your help identifying my spider!
What a coincidence about the Gil Wizen website name. Lovely site but nope it isn’t mine. I am actually afraid of spiders:) I appreciate them and their role in the environment but I can assure you I appreciate them from a distance.
Your help was greatly appreciated.

You are welcome Giselle.  The name similarity was quite a coincidence.

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