Jumping Spider from Indonesia: Hyllus giganteus

Subject: Yellow Salticidae
Location: Manglayang Mountain, West Java, Indonesia
March 22, 2013 9:30 pm
Hello again Daniel,
I wanted to ask what kind of fat salticidae this is.
This funny fellow eat a grasshopper on a banana leaf, after that she move to a higher ground making out a bed out of her web then she fell a sleep.
Signature: Mohamad Idham Iskandar

Jumping Spider eats Grasshopper
Jumping Spider eats Grasshopper

Hi Mohamad,
We are not certain if we will be able to identify this lovely Jumping Spider in the family Salticidae to the species level, but we think your photographs are amazing.  We are posting them and perhaps we will have some time in the future to research additional information.

Jumping Spider
Jumping Spider

Thanks Daniel,
I’m also still trying to browse for more info of this salticidae, but still couldn’t find any suitable lead.

Update:  May 10, 2013
Thanks to a comment that this is Hyllus giganteus, we are able to link to matching photos at Reptile Forums and this video on UIOVN.


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  1. I found spider like this… I search at world wide but I just get this site which the spider I got days ago… I think it’s very special spider, because it’s motive like tiger… it catch other spider in its web, the prey’s body is as big as this tiger Salticidae, i have the picture, but I worry, it can’t reproduce because I don’t see another similar spider

  2. Hello mohamad, i am curious if you can find more of Hylllus giganteus, i am interested in buying or trade some of my jumping spider with you. Thank you


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