Jumping Spider from Brazil: Phiale gratiosa

Subject: Black spider with a red stain
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
August 13, 2015 12:32 pm
Hi team bugman,
Regardless of you answering me or not, you guys do a great job here!
I am far from being an expert. In fact I know very little about spiders, but we spotted this one in a friend’s t-shirt and we were very curious about which spider would that be. We live in south Brazil, Porto Alegre.
We did some research, but we weren’t able to identify a match.
See if you can helps us identify it!
Signature: Guilherme

Jumping Spider
Jumping Spider

Good Evening Guilherme,
The best we can do at this moment is to inform you that this is a Jumping Spider in the family Salticidae, and it is a gorgeous species, probably male in gender.  We want to go outside right now and enjoy the crepuscular minutes and we will research this more later.

Update:  We believe your Jumping Spider is a color variation of Phiale gratiosa based on this image on Salticidae of the World.

That’ definitely a match!
Thanks again, Daniel.

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